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Orient 531-3 TAB Water Dispenser (Black,Grey,Beige)

Key Features: Water dispenser 3 taps: hot, cold and room temperature Child safety lock Easy to handle Water drip tray

Orient Crystal 380 Liters Inverter Refrigerator Red or Purple

No matter which season, you need a good refrigerator and what could be more efficient than a refrigerator with Japanese

Orient Grand 385 Liter Refrigerator

Key Features: 28 centigrade cooling 385L/14 Cubic Feet Red, silver, golden, brown 18 min instant freeze Thickest door insulation LED

OWD-529 Water Dispenser with 2 Taps

The OWD-529 water dispenser is the perfect appliance for the thirsty household! With its efficient compressor, the OWD-529 maintains an

OWD-531 Water Dispenser

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